"Is it possible", I asked my friend, "That by not doing those things that you know you ought to do, that you will be in the same place six months from now as you are today?"


"Not only possible," he said. "Probable."


"So you must like where you are?" I asked.


"No. I am not happy. In fact, if have this nagging, guilty, 'I shoulda thing' going on in my head everyday."


"So why do you keep avoiding?" I asked. "I suspect its fear."


He thought for a moment. "Yes, I suppose what it all boils down to is fear. Fear of change. Fear of what will happen. Even fear of success."


"That's interesting. Fear of success. Do you not believe you should succeed?" 


He hesitated. So I continued. "Since you don't see yourself inside as a success, you will avoid doing things that represent moving to the next level. You are unconsciously self sabotaging your own success so you won't create any in congruency on how you see yourself."


Here is an example. If you see yourself being overweight by 15 pounds. If you deep down believe that is who you are, no diet or exercise plan in the world is going to change your weight. Sure you might lose the weight for awhile, but I promise it will eventually come back. You know what I mean don't you?"


"Yes." He replied.


"The same is true about business. You are the leader of your business. But if you only see yourself leading your business that way it is now, you will never progress. No matter what advise or help I offer you."


"So what do I do?" He queried.


"It starts by beginning to reinvent who and how you see yourself…"


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