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Our actions are driven by our thoughts. Our thoughts are a reflection of our beliefs. We are not always conscious of our beliefs. As a result, our thoughts are being influenced by those beliefs. As a result we take the wrong actions. When we take the wrong actions we get the results we desire.


Example: Mary's goal is to accumulate wealth and retire early. Her unconscious belief is, "I have to work hard all my life to survive". As a result, despite all her conscious efforts to accumulate wealth, her belief system won't allow her to do it. She ultimately will sabotage her efforts.


Do you know that many of our beliefs are a result of events that transpired in our past? We locked them in and accepted them as truth.


So how do you break the cycle?


1- Apply The Level 7 Principle of Knowing What's True by asking yourself the question, "What limiting beliefs do I have that are getting in the way of my progress?"


2- Determine if the basis for your belief is true. Using the example above, is it absolute truth that Mary has to work all her life just to survive? Is it possible that people can make the right choices and accumulate enough wealth and retire early? Yes. It is possible and is done all the time. Of course Mary would need to accept the truth that it is possible. If she looks for evidence, she will easily find others have accomplished what she desires. Now if Mary says something like, "Well, those other people had opportunities, are smarter than me or have more talent" she has revealed her own limiting beliefs.


3- Realize that your eyes and ears are the gateway to your beliefs. What you put in your eyes and ears will influence your beliefs. Here is an extreme example. If you were to call someone a loser everyday for a period of time, at some point they might start believing it, unless they knew how to protect their ears from the onslaught of attacks. The point is you must protect what you allow in.


4- You need to start reprogramming your mind with positive, more affirming beliefs. For example, some people are hesitant to hold others accountable for their agreements. They believe that if they do hold people accountable they won't be liked or accepted. In a case like this they would need to reprogram their mind by saying things like, "People appreciate when I hold them to a higher standard."


5- Establish a specific routine to feed yourself with your new way of thinking. Personally, I recommend writing down your affirming beliefs and review them at least three times per day with intention. What do I mean by with intention? Don't just scan what you've written. Say it out loud, think about it for a moment, consider what your are saying to yourself. When you hear that little voice in the background saying, "Oh you won't do that, or this doesn't apply to you," simply respond to it and say, "I wasn't talking to you."


5-  Here is the key to put it all together. There is no magic formula for applying discipline and follow-through. You just have to do it. If you don't, nothing is going to change.


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