Got kids?

If you do, and they can talk, then no doubt you've been driving in your car and heard the infamous question, "Are we there yet?"

My response to them is always, "20 minutes."

They hate that.

Consider your business for a moment. Do you realize that if you have people working with you they have either asked one of several questions.

#1 – Where are we going? My kids always ask that question when they get in the car. I suppose they need to have an idea of the destination. Once they know where we are going they seem to be more cooperative on the way. Especially if they can see a personal benefit in where we are going. I believe employees in a business need to know where the business is going and how it is going to benefit them too.

#2- Are we there yet? Once your people know the intended destination, I believe they want to know how the business is progressing at getting there. In other words, we have to show them the road map.

Highly effective leaders are very intentional and focused at communicating the direction of the business and providing regular "Are we there yet" status reports.