Being motivated, excited, driven, on top of your game all the time is challenging. But it's necessary. Motivation and drive moves things. It makes things happen. Consider the alternative. Complacency, hopelessness, boredom.


Do you ever feel like your motivation levels and drive are random? Like one day you've got it and the next day you don't. Come on admit it. We all have our ups and downs. 


But being motivated and excited might not be as random as you think. I have discovered there is a direct relationship between what is going on between your ears and your levels of motivation.


Most of the time, people leave it up to chance whether they will be on top of their game or not. In other words, circumstances dictate their motivation rather then dictating their attitude.


When you have a positive hope for the future, you will be motivated.


Here are some action steps you can take, intentionally, to stay motivated and on top of your game.


1- Clarify and review your vision regularly, even daily if necessary. It's OK to revise and update as you become more and more clear what you really want for your business and life.


2- Take time on a regular basis to feed yourself with new ideas. Read books, magazines, trade journals to fuel yourself with ideas that will lead to new possibilities. Remember don't be random about the innovation in your business. If you come up with something actionable, consider the system or area of the business your idea impacts and be systematic as you make the improvement.


3- Surround yourself with other like minded, creative people who can stimulate your thinking and inspire your hope. Meet with them on a regular basis.


4- Bring your own thoughts into captivity. The world wants to distract you and often reminds us of the bad news. Be aware of what you are feeding your mind. Personally, I don't watch the daily news. You've heard the saying, "Garbage in, Garbage Out." Simply be conscious of what you are listening or watching. At the same time be conscious of what your own thoughts are saying. Enough said about that.


5- Take action DAILY towards your goals. When we have a hope or dream but don't do anything about it that can lead to frustration and depression. Schedule time everyday to work on something that will help you achieve your long term vision.



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