Man on Summit When I ask people to describe their perfect business or specifically how they would like their business to serve their lives, I often get a deer in the headlights look. As if they have never been asked the question before.
I consider this a very relevant question. Don't you? I find that having a business that DOESN'T serve your life can be a huge point of frustration and contention for a business owner. The remedy begins with defining how you want the business to serve you. From there you can begin to create a business that will do just that; serve your life.
For me personally I believe that a business that serves my life must do four things.
1- Provide me an income that helps me achieve my personal financial goals and lifestyle.
2- Allow me to take the time off that I want and truly be free from my business when I am away.
3- Allow me to do the work I enjoy most in my business.
4- To give me the satisfaction that I have been instrumental in creating something meaningful, worthwhile and is consistent with my vision of a great business.
Obviously, when I consider these things I am going to be very specific about each. Because with that clarity comes focus and with focus comes passion and with passion come commitment. When I am committed I will do what's necessary to get it done.
What do you believe it means to have a business that serves your life? I really want to hear your comments or feedback on this. Simply post your comments below.
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