Setting goals are important. Few would deny that fact. Going through life without some goal or purpose is like getting in a car and driving without a destination. You never know where you will end up.


We are finding, however, that setting a goal is not enough. Just writing it down and shoving it in a drawer we can found ourselves getting off tract.


Our mind is a very powerful tool that consciously and unconsciously goes to work to help us achieve our goals. When we continually remind our mind of our purpose its like putting our brain on constant autopilot. It is always adjusting and identifying, even behind the scenes, opportunities to move us closer to our outcomes.


Set your goals and write them down is step 1. Then create a system for keeping those goals and reviewing them regularly. That is Step 2. Post them on your mirror in the bathroom. Read them before you go to bed and review them in the morning. Conduct a weekly, "What do I need to do this week to achieve my goals" strategy session are just a few techniques people use to stay goal focused and activate their brain to support and achieve your purpose.