What Pat Boone and Garth Brooks Have in Common

Pat-boone1 I heard a story this morning about how Pat Boone, who had a popular gospel television show years ago, attempted to reinvent his image. If memory serves me correctly, he made an appearance on the Grammy awards dressed in leather with fake tattoos. He was attempting to launch his new album In the Metal Mood: No More Mr. Nice Guy. The album was made up of heavy metal hits sung with a jazzy, big band style.
It flopped and so did Boone's attempt to reinvent himself. Not only that, the producer of his television show canceled the program.
A few years later country music phenom Garth Brooks attempted to reinvent himself by launching an alter ego character referred to as Chris Gaines. Gaines was a fictional alternative rock persona created by Brooks to explore rock and roll styles far removed from his success as a country singer.
Brooks attempt to reinvent or launch a new image failed too.
Apparently, attempts to launch a new image overnight don't work.
Relevance to business you ask? You knew I would get there.
The fact is most businesses could stand to reinvent themselves. In some cases, an overhaul is needed. They need to overhaul they way they lead, the way they manage, the way they relate to their customers and present themselves to the market place and the way they interact with their employees and so on.
Reinvention can work and is necessary at times. But it takes time. It begins with defining the results or new image you want to create.
Then the business must take consistent, systematic steps to make the transition. It requires a plan that can be implemented over time.
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The Best Exit Strategy

EasyExitSign I had a great conversation at lunch yesterday with a couple clients in the process of implementing the Level 7 System in their businesses. Joe Cerino of HAR Adhesive Technologies and Hank Newman of Recon Logistics and I were talking about "exit strategies."
We agreed that "exit strategies" can have a different meaning to different business owners.
For some it might mean literally building a business and then selling it to get out.
For some it might mean building the business to a point that it is no longer dependent on them but keeping it and drawing an income from it.
For some it might mean building the business so they can 'exit' from certain work in the business so they can pursue other types of work in the business like high level business development and growth strategies.
In conclusion, we all agreed the best exit strategy is one that allows the business owner the opportunity to choose what they want to do with the business when they get there.

How a SQUIRREL Can Kill Your Business. Watch this…

Many business owners are like the dog 'Dug' from the movie UP. They, like Dug, are going along, doing business, on task, focused on their goals and critical business tasks and all of a sudden…


Something draws their attention away.


They lose focus, perhaps for a moment. Perhaps longer.

Watch out for squirrels, I say.

How do you know if a squirrel has captured your attention?

If you are unable to clearly define a result or purpose that the squirrel that has draw your attention away can quantifiable have on your business, you have been captivated by a squirrel.

Beware of squirrels. Don't let them waste your time or focus. You must learn to kill the squirrel before it kills you.

Setting Your NEW DAY Resolution

The average person, I have read, gives up on their New Year's Resolution by the 18th of January.
Watch what happens in the gym around that time. The place, which is now packed with people committed to getting back in shape, will look like ghost town in about 3 weeks. That's just one example.
I have some options so we don't suffer that self defeating disappointment that often comes when we give up on our goals.
Option #1 – Don't set any goals. (I don't personally like this option, but it is a sure way of not being disappointed. It also is a good way of not accomplishing much either).
Option #2 – Don't start working on your New Years Resolution until after the 18th of January. At least with this option you will be going strong, or at least getting started, when most people are quitting.
Option #3 – Find someone who is committed to helping you stay on track with your goals for the year. HELLO! That's why I am here. Accountability helps.
Option #4 – Determine to be the best you can everyday. Establish that each day is a new opportunity to be a little better than yesterday. It is through our consistent and incremental improvements that result in long term success and results.
In other words, make everyday a NEW DAY RESOLUTION . 

Who’s Leading Your Team Out the Tunnel?

TeamRunningOutTunnel I had a great meeting with a client this morning. We were discussing the nature of leadership and the results and impact really, really good leadership can have on a business.

One of the partners, Phil, who is a natural coach, having been involved in competitive sports most his life and now gravitates towards coaching others, especially appreciated an analogy I shared.

I asked Phil what is more desirable, to have the coach lead the team out the tunnel to the playing field or court or have the players enthusiastically charge the field or court AHEAD of the coach.

Phil and the rest of the group agreed, better to have the players so charged up that they take the field full of confidence and focus to win the game AHEAD of the coach.

Now consider your role as a leader in your business. You could either be leading and…

…nobody is following at all. (Poor leadership)

Leading and people are following behind you. (Better leadership)

Leading but the people are so clear and enthusiastic about the direction your business is going that they are running ahead of you to get there. (Best leadership)

If you are tired of pulling everyone along or worse, not having anyone really behind you, then perhaps it's time to make some adjustments to the way you lead and the work you do to create enthusiastic, focused followers.

If you are not sure how well you are REALLY doing leading your business or know you need help going into 2011, then shoot me an e-mail or call me and we can discuss how to make the improvements necessary to make 2011 your best year ever.